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Need some opinions about Dragon Age Inquisition.

So I am having a heated debate with myself about what I should do when Dragon Age Inquisition comes out. 

I want to stream it live but I don’t know if I should do a live reaction/commentary. I can only do a stream at 720p 30FPS. 

However, if I record straight from game and upload it later, I can get 1080p and 60 FPS. 

There is also the question of “do people want to hear my live reaction/commentary?”

This is my youtube channel 

When I do commentaries, I tend to be quiet when important stuff is happening on screen. 

So, what say you?


Thanks for the input guys! I’ve decided to record and upload later and do a minimalist commentary (only when characters are silent and nothing is going on) 


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This is downright terrible. Euclase, you don’t deserve this bullshit. Anons sending these messages need to check out their own life decisions because I have no clue how they became this fucked up. I’m tired of seeing someone get bullied like this.